My name is Tobias Bradford, I am originally from Örebro, Sweden, but am currently residing in Stockholm and London. Recently I have been experimenting with a form of animated sculptural installation - incorporating concepts from mechanical engineering, robotics, illusionism and puppetry in order to create environments and objects which are to some degree autonomous or disembodied.


An object which appears to act on its own interest carries many suggestions regarding free will and the “self” in a philosophical sense, and the friction between rational thought and one’s emotional experience of the world can be intensified when in a situation with conflicting sensory information. Similarly to how a word can become absurd when uttered repeatedly, an action or a moment which is stuck in a loop can reveal some of the strangeness of everyday life. Much of my work can be considered as an attempt to create a self-enacting, performative yet chaotic sculptural enactment of repressed memories and irrational fears and desires.